Sibling Program
Sibling Program
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The Beads of Courage Sibling Program is made possible through a program partnership with Austin's Playroom Project, an initiative of the Mario Lemieux Foundation. 
The Beads of Courage Sibling Program is designed to help siblings Record, Tell and Own their Story of Courage as they journey alongside their brother or sister who is coping with a serious illness. Each sibling participating in the program will receive beads to honor their courage and to show accomplishment in the face of tough challenges. 
Research shows that siblings who have a brother or sister coping with serious illness often suffer from extreme anxiety and worries. Together, our goal is to support and alleviate stress experienced by siblings through meaningful support. 
Each sibling will begin the program support with a special bead created to recognize the Mario Lemieux Foundation and honor their commitment as a source of support and encouragement to siblings and families. To read the full press release, click here. 
In addition to their beads, each sibling will be able to have their first name spelled out in ceramic letter beads. As we receive your order, we will email you to find out the name of the sibling that you would like to have spelled out in ceramic letter beads. 
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